Camp theme

Simply scouting!

Scouting – more than a hobby! Often that’s easier said than done. What is the difference of scouting compared to other youth organizations and what is special about “being scouts” anyways?

With the slogan simply scouting! we want to focus on these questions and experience a camp that is more than just back to the roots.

What means scouting today? When do we use old and traditional scouting values and when are new technologies part of it? What do modern trends of our society mean to us as scouts? And the most important, how do we connect our educational theorie of scouts with the traditional scouting methods and values to the point of the demands to a child and youth organization nowadays?

During the scout jamboree the groups will work on a variety of projects and by creating their projects single-handedly they will dedicate themselves to those questions, either intentional or as a by-product.