Camp theme

The camp will be themed “Simply Scouting – Eat Scout Sleep Repeat” which is why we want to deal with our identity as scouts and pose the question: “What is scouting?” Traditional elements of scouting like camp fires, maps, compasses and camping are basic skills of scouts. But we also want to familiarize ourselves with modern elements of scouting like filming and smartphones and most importantly how they fit into scouting and can be used for our benefit.



To deal with those questions in a wide range we decided to bundle the most promising topics for us into topic groups. Every participant should choose the most appealing topic to him/her and find themselves in groups to create projects about their identity of scouts during Wednesday and Thursday. At the end they should have some documented form of their project that can be displayed in the camp.

The topics will be placed in topic centers where the groups working on a project to this topic can meet, create project groups, exchange ideas, and find inspiration. Furthermore there will be a qualified contact person available for topic related knowledge and help with questions and lots of material for the creating of the projects.

The following topic centers will be available:

  • art and creativity
  • building and crafting
  • politics and society
  • simply scouting 2.0 (modern scouting)
  • media
  • nature
  • technology and engineering
  • sports and health
  • faith, religion and spirituality

The Team Program and the qualified teams of the topic centers will take care of purchasing the material beforehand. We want to offer not only basic but also lots of extraordinary materials so that extraordinary projects can develop. However we also need to keep an eye on our budget since we want the camp to remain affordable.

On the last Tuesday, we will add all the documentaries of the projects to a gallery all over the camp featuring a variety of different aspects of scouting. During the section activity days the sections will also deal with their identity as a section and will contribute their documented results to our little gallery as well.

There will also be a big, joint camp service on Wednesday, August 8th.


Section centers

Every section will have their own section center during the whole camp. These centers will be opened every evening and during the section activity days and will offer activities, space to sit, talk or read, and getting to know each other for their particular section.

The sections are

  • Wölflinge (7-9 year olds)
  • Jungpfadfinder (10-13 year olds)
  • Pfadfinder (13-16 year olds)
  • Rover (16-20 year olds)

The participants of international groups will be split up into those sections according to their approximate age even though the sections might differ from their own sections.

On Sunday and Monday the program and activities will take place in the particular sections.


Camp radio

We will be on air again! Like during the last jamboree in 2012, our camp radio station will be broadcasting during the whole camp. Bring your radios, tune in and be excited for great music and updates about the camp and beyond!



The Scoutlet is the camp bar to which belong affiliate bars spread out over the camp. The selling of candy and merchandise will take place in the Scoutlet and in the evenings the bar is opened for participants of the age 16 or older. Alcohol will be sold according to the age wristband every participant has to wear.


Quiet nights

To do justice to the size of the camp and the festive mood but also to the traditional camp fire evenings in the scout groups we want to introduce the concept of quiet nights. During those evenings there will be no activities offered or electronical amplified music playing in the Scoutlet nor the section centers in order to create some space for camp fires in the scout groups.


Trip for our international guests

For our international guests we also plan on doing a trip to visit the area around Munich and the Alps, but it is not yet determined where we will go and what will take place. It is only certain that the trip will take place on the second/last Tuesday of the camp.